The future of building with concrete – symposium in Korbach

Expectations for economic development and construction activity in Germany were negatively impacted last year by the war in Ukraine, which has caused human suffering and brought new challenges to the construction industry. Sustainable construction will, however, continue to increasingly become the focus of discussion in society over the medium and long term.

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Working with a variety of partners, the InformationsZentrum Beton (Information Centre for Concrete) held a symposium on ‘The Future of Building with Concrete’ in Korbach on 4 May 2023 to discuss decarbonisation in the construction sector, particularly in areas where concrete is used. Sustainable and climate-friendly construction methods using cement and concrete were discussed and strategies for the future were identified at the gathering. Approaches that have already been implemented were presented and representatives from the field of planning discussed their goals on their way to sustainable construction. Issues relating to cost-effectiveness, recycling and resource availability were also addressed. The event highlight was a tour of Korbach’s town hall, which was the first project in Germany to use a façade that had been realised with recycled concrete.

Appropriately for the Korbach venue, Hering Architectural Concrete exhibited a selection of sustainable façade solutions.

It was an all-round successful and very informative event!

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