Two Hering platform roofs for the Bonn UN-Campus station

By order of Eiffage Wittfeld GmbH and DB Station & Service AG as awarding authorities, two 66-metre long system platform roofs of type Bodenheim light were built in the heart of Bonn between July and December 2017. Prior to that, Hering teams had already built two side-boarding platforms of 210 m in length at the UN-Campus halt between March and June 2017 (we reported about this).

The UN-Campus halt is not far from the art museum and the Bundeskunsthalle. The name UN-Campus refers to the 10 organisations of the United Nations that are domiciled in the centre of Bonn and which is one of the city’s largest focuses of employment. The halt is not only of significance for visitors to the UNO organisations but also for commuters from other companies.

The timely completion of both single-stemmed Bodenheim roofs over platform 1 and platform 2 and the prior construction of the Hering platforms was highly important, as the World Climate Conference 2017 took place in Bonn from 06 to 17 November 2017. The international conference of the United Nations, i.e. the Conference of the Parties, (COP), gathered for the 23rd time and thus bore the abbreviation COP 23. In addition, five other committees gathered under the framework convention. Approx. 20,000 attendees were expected. The elements for the construction of the platforms roofs were delivered to Bonn by lorry and could be mounted by a truck-mounted crane above the previously constructed Hering platforms – in time for the conference – to welcome visitors from all over the world.

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