WC facility upcycling

Everyone is talking about upcycling. So why not also upcycle WC facilities? No sooner said than done – by HERING Sanikonzept GmbH. The company has also started to take back pre-owned WC facilities for refurbishment depending on their condition and quality in accordance with the customer’s wishes and requirements – which is a great way to conserve resources and protect the environment. Take the WC facility in Moormerland’s town centre, for example.

From Prerow to Veenhusen: the old WC facility in Prerow’s town centre is getting on in years. But HERING Sanikonzept GmbH thought it was still too good to simply get rid of it and so decided to take it back. A purchaser was quickly found because the municipality of Moormerland had already invested in one of the company’s pre-owned facilities. The sanitation solution, which was still in good condition, was as a consequence thoroughly cleaned, technically refurbished and visually brought back up to spec. This relaunched second compact system is now also on its way to Moormerland where it will be available to bathers at its new location on the banks of the Blaue Lagune bathing lake in Veenhusen. Alongside a urinal and men’s area, it also features a barrier-free ladies’ cubicle.

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