Reference project architectural concrete
Textile-reinforced concrete betoShell®

Skylabs, Heidelberg, DE

Stockwerk Architekten, Köln, DE

SkyLabs is the largest office and laboratory building in the Bahnstadt area, Heidelberg‘s new city district. A highly visible landmark, the prominent building‘s height and extraordinary architecture combine to make an arresting impact. On a total of 19,000 square metres, SkyLabs offers multi-purpose office and laboratory rooms that are designed to meet the latest technological requirements. For the base section of the outer façade, Stockwerk Architekten employed anthracite-coloured betoShell® elements by Hering to create a design emphasis. The lightly acidified surface, which creates a slight glittering effect in sunlight, blends seamlessly with the colour of the broad steps leading up to the entrance area. In total, 448 elements were fitted on the base area measuring 687 square metres.

(Photos: Dirk Wilhelmy)

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