Close to our heart: the Mourning Stop - a year has passed

We already reported on the Mourning Stop at the world’s largest park cemetery, which is in Hamburg-Ohlsdorf, last year in summer. A year has already passed and, since the day of the ‘opening’, the Mourning Stop has created its own lasting impression.

The structure enables a new and contemporary form of remembering the deceased that meets individual mourning needs.  The Mourning Stop is open to everyone. Mourners may leave messages there or create and place small items there or they can simply spend some time in silence or chat with each for a while there.

The recognition that the Mourning Stop has received is moving. Visitors may also use the chalk provided at the Mourning Stop to express themselves creatively there. Fading messages are replaced with new ones. It is in that way that the space always appears transformed and alive and presents itself in an ever new light. The constantly shifting seasons also contribute to the changing look.

Mourning needs its space. The Mourning Stop impresses with its architecture and design that has been realised from within the cemetery landscape. We were privileged to produce, deliver and install the concrete elements for this unique project on behalf of the Kuratorium der Deutschen Bestattungskultur e.V. (Board of Trustees of German Funeral Culture). A total of six beige concrete elements and a ceiling section form the two massive ‘concrete brackets’ that – although the structure is open to the public – protect the interior from prying eyes.

It’s great to see that there has been no vandalism or inappropriate behaviour even after an entire year.

We’re glad to have been a part of this special project and are happy that the Mourning Stop has found its place and has been very well received by all.

(Photos: ®Katharina Roggmann / Stiftung Deutsche Bestattungskultur)


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