Increases in platform height using the modula® type1 system for Thyrow in Brandenburg

A special task facing the HERING team in the Thyrow project was the need to increase the height of the two existing 155 m long system-built platforms from the present entry height of 38 cm to 76 cm above the upper surface of the rail but without dismantling the existing prefabricated structure. This was achieved with the HERING modula® type 1 TT-TT slab system.

Areas in need of widening for access as well as weather-protection structures were modified using conventional building techniques. The result was two platforms suitable for handicapped persons providing same level access to the trains.

Some time ago Station & Service AG, a subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn responsible for managing Germany’s stations, approved a platform height design which stipulated that the existing platforms in Deutsche Bahn’s network which had a range of entry heights were to be modified to have a uniform entry height of 76 cm above the upper surface of the rail so that barrier-free access was available for all travellers.

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