New contract in assembly line technique: track and point renewal Kelsterbach

On 18/06/2015 we received the “Kelsterbach” contract from DB Netz AG – Region Middle.

On 10/08/2015 the preparatory work started (green pruning, point preassembly, etc.). During the “short” 16-day main shut-down period three 1200’s points, three 500’s points and one 300’s point had to be renewed with our crane technology starting on 21/08/2015. Moreover, in two train station tracks and on the Kelsterbach-Frankfurt Stadium track section, a total of 4,850 m of tracks were renewed in assembly line technique. In addition, a cleaning machine and a reconstruction train were deployed. Since the renewed track section is located in the middle of a water protection area, strict requirements had to be met during this reconstruction.

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