Recycled concrete by HERING for the façade of the new town hall in Korbach

An unusual façade has been created for the town hall in the old town of Korbach, which is located the district of Waldeck-Frankenberg in the state of Hesse. HERING was able to realise the client’s idea of recycling building materials recovered from the old building in proximity to the site and of then reusing them for the new build to be erected at the same location:

A total of 260 concrete façade panels made with recycled concrete were manufactured at HERING’s prefabrication plant for this construction project. The façade was given a blasted finish to create a unique character for the building.

The red roof tiles reclaimed from the demolition of the old building were chosen as the colouring component. These recycled aggregates were used as a substitute for the gravel and crushed natural stone that are usually used to make concrete. The existing material was crushed, screened, washed and processed in a crushing plant once the materials had been sorted after demolition.

The use of recycled concrete protects resources and may therefore be regarded as sustainable. Another step into the future of the construction industry!

Photos: ©Fotodesign Andreas Braun, Hameln

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