Build in a manner that spares operations with system platforms from HERING

By using precast concrete system elements, track blocking times can be reduced by up to 50 percent - at the same or even lower overall costs. For the foreseeable future, the need for renewal and maintenance of the railway network will remain high. With a view to customer-friendly construction, HERING has been developing capacity-preserving construction methods for many years. For example, in platform construction or platform refurbishment, the use of prefabricated concrete elements in system construction allows important work steps to be shifted from the track area to the factory hall, considerably minimizing the construction-related blocking periods for the affected track sections.

In a construction time and cost comparison between conventional and modular platform construction, which was carried out in the course of a master's thesis on the basis of a real construction project, it was demonstrated that more than half of the construction time can be saved by the system construction with HERING modula® platform elements.

The main reasons for this are the faster assembly of the large-format prefabricated parts and the lower foundation costs (no longitudinal track shoring required, only selective foundation on standard prefabricated part foundations). For better illustration, the results were presented in a model-based construction workflow simulation using the BIM method:

Watch our model-based construction workflow simulation using the BIM method

In summary, the study shows that the system construction method for platform renewals can greatly reduce the construction-related time restrictions on track availability and thus considerably reduce their negative impact on punctuality - at the same or even lower overall costs as with the conventional construction method.

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