HERING Bahnbau rocks the rails at Wiesbaden’s main station

A total of 11 switches and 3,800 metres of track was renewed on an access route at the railway construction site at Wiesbaden’s main station over a period of six weeks, which ran from 9 May to 5 July 2023. The work was spread over a total of four closures and the order volume totalled around € 3.5 million.

First phase of construction: Three double crossings with slips and one single crossing with slip were pre-assembled for the first phase between 9 and 17 May. These were then installed by three crews working in shifts during the subsequent 40-hour shut-down period from 18 to 21 May.

Second phase of construction: Pre-assembly was carried out during the second phase from 31 May to 7 June. The next stage of work was carried out by three crews again working in shifts during the subsequent closures: Installation of two double crossings with slips, two crossings, one single crossing with slip and one single switch.

Third phase of construction: One special task, which is not an everyday occurrence for us, was carried out during the third phase – in part alongside the second phase – from 27 to 5 June 2023. This was where a reconstruction train was deployed for the complete renewal of the track over a distance of 3,000 metres and for ballast cleaning. The reconstruction train travels at speeds of 220 metres of track per hour, while ballast cleaning is effected at a speed of 180 metres per hour.

Fourth and final phase of construction: Tracks 106 and 107 were renewed along with the peripheral tracks during the final phase; this work was also carried out with three crews operating in shifts from 12 to 28 June 2023. The clean-up work was carried out from 3 to 5 July 2023.

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In total, the construction project in Wiesbaden involved:

  • 3 road-rail excavators
  • 1 mobile excavator
  • 1 wheel loader
  • 1 caterpillar
  • 2 tamping machines
  • 1 crane and
  • 1 reconstruction train and ballast-cleaning machine

Our HERING logistics team – including two locomotives – was on duty 24 hours a day during the shut-down periods.

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