Renewal of the railway overpass Ehningen

In the district of Böblingen – more precisely within the village of Ehningen – there is a railway overpass that has to be renewed located on line 4860 Stuttgart-Horb at rail km 30.955. This crosses the asphalted Eichendorffstraße and is located in the area of a TEN-T integrated network.

Since December 2018, HERING Bahnbau GmbH has been in charge of the construction of the new railway overpass for the client DB Netz AG; the construction period is planned up to and including October 2019.

HERING is an expert and reliable partner for all services connected with the renewal of the railway bridge. In addition to the relocation of cables and lines, the demolition of the old EÜ (overpass) is included in the service portfolio. In addition, steel girders with steel plate infills have been installed along the tracks.

The new railway viaduct will be built in a lateral position next to the old bridge and will be moved approx. 28m to its final position during a 100-hour shutdown period. The bridge construction is a reinforced concrete half-frame with attached wing walls, which has a considerable length of 22.00 m, a width of 8.80 m and a height of 6.50 m.

Following the renewal of the EÜ Ehningen, the construction of the new Eichendorffstraße will be completed.

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