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Reference project for heavy machinery: Assembly of partially glazed elevator frames in the Siegen station

For the company Hohrenk Systemtechnik GmbH, Hering realised the lifting of new elevator frames for DB AG in the course of the redesign of the Siegen railway station.

Further details can be found on the construction site sign.

Construction panel

Assembly of partially glazed elevator scaffolding in the Siegen station  

Provision of a track-bound KRC910T slewing railway crane for the hoisting of shaft frames


Hohrenk Systemtechnik GmbH

Completion period:

Construction phase 1: 24/04/2018
Construction phase 2: 02/05/2018

Scope of services:

Provision of railway slewing crane for lifting in the new elevator frames including roof construction;
Including intermediate transport on SKL trailers
Dimensions of the elevator frames: 3.30 / 2.60 / 13.60 m (W/L/H)
Weight of the elevator frames: max. 10 t


Assembly and handling of partially glazed elevator frames in cramped local conditions.
Creation of a logistics concept for both construction phases.

Further reference projects:

Machinery from HERING

HERING stands for the highest level of expertise in the fields of tramway, subway and roadbed-and-track construction and is therefore the first point of contact, for example, for track-and-switch construction work using the most cost-effective technical equipment.

Machinery from HERING

  • Specialist for hiring out heavy-duty rail-mounted machines
  • Europe’s largest fleet of railway slewing cranes
  • Planning and implementation of logistics concepts
  • Prevention of shut-downs and interruptions to services
  • Workshop service
  • Individual solutions and immediate measures
  • Strong network of partners
  • Modern and powerful machinery
  • Professional project management
  • Building information modelling
  • Pre-qualified, competent and reliable
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