Barrier-free extension of Hungen station

The Hungen station was officially reopened on 11 October 2017 after extensive expansion and modernisation work by Hering. In addition to civil engineering services such as the new construction of the main and middle platforms and the elevators and staircases, Hering platform roofs have also been installed.

The insertion procedure for the new extension of the pedestrian underpass on the central platform is a special feature of this construction project.

Construction panel

Barrier-free expansion
Hungen train station


DB Station & Service AG

Completion period:

06/2016 to 08/2017

Order volume:

Approx. 1.9 million €

Scope of services:

  • Demolition & new construction of the house and middle platform as well as the pedestrian underpass (PU)
  • New elevator and stairs to the main and middle platform
  • Turnkey extension of the railway system: Floor covering, wall tile work (mosaic) and 50 Hz work New platform roofs & bus shelters
  • House and middle platform


  • Underpinning of the old PU using the HDI process
  • New PU extension at the middle platform: PU block produced in lateral position and inserted transversely
  • New construction of the platforms in operation

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