Auxiliary bridge construction in Darmstadt - railway overpass Erzhausen

From mid-May to the end of June 2017, two auxiliary bridges were installed for the company Lupp between the Darmstadt districts of Erzhausen and Wixhausen. During the three weekends from 15.05 – 05.06.17 in very short night interruptions numerous pile planks and beams were rammed. To accomplish that, our customer manufactured special ramps and accesses so that we could provide the required materials for the rammer.

Is an auxiliary bridge installation exciting? Not really, but this time an unusual method was needed: auxiliary bridge installation with surface foundation.

For that, two 20.0t foundations were poured in place onsite next to the track in advance. They later served as bearings for the steel auxiliary bridges instead of the customary method of cross-beams on rammed timber piling. The installation of the first auxiliary bridge was made even more difficult due to the circumstance that this is an island construction site.

In an interruption period of only about 4 hours the track was removed across a length of approx. 25 metres. Using the HERING 125t crane, the foundations were lowered onto the subgrade with high precision.
After filling the foundations, the HERING crane crew was once more deployed to insert the
24t auxiliary bridge. This auxiliary bridge also fit nearly perfectly into the provided guides. The subsequent tie and rail installation ran without a hitch as always along with the so-called “test run” with the work train engine that had to drive over bridge 3 times with 5 km/h!

The second bridge on the following weekend was also installed without any great problems. This job was even finished long before the scheduled interruption!

Both bridges were constantly monitored from installation to removal; if the tolerance dimensions were exceeded, the participating companies and the construction supervision were immediately notified by email.

Beide Brücken wurden vom Einbau bis zum Ausbau durch ein Monitoring ständig überwacht; bei Überschreitung der Toleranzmaße wurden die beteiligten Firmen sowie die Bauüberwachung umgehend per Mail informiert.

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