Bridge sleeper replacement in Baal-Lindern

The Baal-Lindern construction project is a project from 2014 during which HERING replaced the track section on a length of 3,694 m. This refurbishment section contains four structures where in 2014 – due to the lack of provision of the B100 sleepers – the superstructure had to be completed with the existing sleepers. The renovation of 494 sleeper units on the four structures was undertaken in the period from 8 – 18 June 2015 in night shifts with an additional shutdown period from 11.15 p.m. – 5 a.m.

Two de-loading cuts were made on each structure and the sleepers were replaced in six shifts with a net working time of 4 hours in parallel with two crews working head-on. Each crew was equipped with two, two-way excavators and seven workers. After the sleeper replacement, a tampering machine was used to tamper the sleepers in two tamping processes. The sleepers were subsequently released for train travel up to 80 km/h.

As soon as the sleeper replacement was fully completed on a structure, the second stabilisation process was carried out across the entire structure. After the replacement of 494 sleepers was fully completed, the tracks were neutralised and welded on the structures.

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