Civil engineering VST achieves precision landing for renewal of Großen Buseck railway station (Hessen)

The new station in Großen Buseck was to be new, modern and functional. And it was to be available to passengers again by the end of September 2021 at the latest. A challenge that the HERING team was happy to take on - at the beginning of June, Ingenieurbau VST set about the task. At the beginning of the construction work, the two approx. 50 metre long access roads to the platforms were constructed from scratch.


During the first three weeks of the six-week closure period, platform 1 was first dismantled and then rebuilt. The work on the 210-metre-long drainage line, which is laid at a depth of up to four metres, proved to be particularly complex and time-consuming. As part of our work, this pipeline was upgraded with a 30-metre-long storage sewer with a diameter of one metre. It is intended to ensure the safe drainage of rainwater in the event of heavy precipitation in the future as well.

The team from Ingenieurbau VST was able to complete the construction project by building a completely new second platform with a length of 140 metres. At the end of September, and thus with a precision landing at the end of the closure period, the two new platforms including the new access routes were once again available to passengers at Großen Buseck station.

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