Signal Bracket 6029 in Hamburg: Foundation in just 40 hours

The construction of the new S4 S-Bahn (suburban railway) link (Hamburg – Bad Oldesloe) also required the driving in of a pile for the foundation for a signal bracket. The foundation point was located on an embankment between the tracks of the S1 S-Bahn rail link and the mainline railway – it was therefore not possible to access it from the outside – but that was a situation for which the track-foundation-laying train was literally designed for.

Successful deployment for HERING’s track-and-foundation-laying train

The work flow:

  • 2.00 a.m.: The shoring work began at the foundation point once the construction track had been installed. The track-foundation-laying train was prepared at a nearby suburban railway siding at the same time. The foundation pipe (DN 813) was attached to the hydraulic vibrator and vibrated 6.5 metres into the ground along with the welded-on side plates once the track-foundation-laying train had been positioned at the foundation point. The Track-foundation-laying train was then converted on site to the Kelly drilling method for the purposes of boring out the foundation pipe down to the base.

  • The foundation pile was concreted with the reinforcement cage having been lifted into place that same evening.

  • The reinforcement work for the head foundation with the integrated anchor rods as a connection for the signal bracket to be fitted later was commenced the next morning.

  • The prefabricated concrete element was placed over the lost formwork, the anchor rods were aligned for the final time and the head foundation was concreted at around midday.

The result:

The track-foundation-laying train allowed the workers to complete the foundation for a signal bracket in an inaccessible location in less than 40 hours – and without the need to dismantle any railway infrastructure. A total success!


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