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Automatic Public Toilets - APT

Fully automated toilets made by Hering

The development, production and service programs of Hering Automatic public toilets are based on 40 years of experience and ongoing innovation. Whether it’s a free-standing or built-in public toilet, one-room or multi-room toilet, standard or fully automatic toilet, Hering is the leading specialist for your specific needs.

Automatic Public Toilets

APTs built and maintained by Hering are modular system solutions for public sanitation. With over 40 years of experience, Hering Automatic public toilets meet the high demands of the public sector and at the same time offer maximum creativity, functionality and longevity. This means adaptation to the surroundings, maximum hygiene for users and minimum maintenance costs for the operators.

Automatic Public Toilet in Garmisch-Partenkirchen
Automatic Public Toilet in Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Integration in the surrounding environment

Every APT is built according to clients needs. Where required the APT will be specifically adapted to complement the surrounding environment, or alternatively as an architectural feature. Hering has a large variety of materials and finishes available in order to provide the appropriate APT. All interior finishes and fitments are made of high grade stainless steel, providing a reliable long term investment for the client.

Product details

Hering Automated Public Toilets are based upon a concrete modular construction with a projected lifespan in excess of twenty years. The design incorporates materials that are impact and graffiti resistant whilst being easy to clean and maintain. Hering APT’s are available in a variety of sizes and configurations with custom designed units available upon request. Sensor operated functions including automatic toilet flushing, seat cleaning and hand washing reduce contact points and therefore the risk of spreading hand born bacteria. All of Hering APT’s are available as ADA/DDA compliant.

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