New EBA approval for low noise barriers by Hering

Besides installing conventional high noise barriers, the Hering Group also works intensively on new innovative noise protection solutions that can be installed in track areas. The Hering noise protection experts implemented first pilot projects with their internally developed low noise barriers on railway tracks in as early as the summer of 2011.

In the scope of the stimulus programme II (Konjunkturprogramm II), the DB AG tested innovative noise protection technologies until the end of 2011; Hering was involved in the implementation of four pilot measures. Two innovative low noise barrier systems, the ZBloc and the Gabione system, were installed on four heavily frequented test tracks and extensively tested. Small, but wow: The low noise barriers reveal a significantly lower height than conventional noise barriers, with a maximum height of only 76 cm above the track surface.

Low noise barriers by Hering provide a perfect alternative for anywhere where high noise barriers gain no acceptance or where high walls cannot be built for city planning or for listed building reasons: The “H-Block” system with a high quality aerated concrete absorber adapts perfectly to the scenery and provides train passengers with an unobstructed view. Short fibres made from synthetic material are used as reinforcement meaning that the system does not to be grounded. The gabions comprise galvanized wire baskets with a vertical three-chamber system, integrated concrete core, absorber and a special lava fill.

The noise absorption of all systems is as close as possible to where it emerges (contact to wheels/tracks) and achieves good test results of approx. 6 dBA noise reduction. The systems have culverts for small animals, can be walked on, and are easily replaceable, long-lasting, maintenance-free and recyclable. An economic and fast assembly is ensured by the shallow foundation. The “H-Block” and gabion models have been approved by the German Federal Railway Organization, which allows the use of them on track systems of the German railways, since December 2016.

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