Railway overpass Ehningen

Realisation of the complete structure next to the original one. Dismantling of the railway embankment, including tracks and demolition of the old structure while the line was closed, preparation of the sub-grade, insertion of the structure, backfilling and realisation of the superstructure as well as tracks.

Construction panel

Railway overpass Ehningen
Frame structure for a railway overpass


DB Netz AG, Karlsruhe

Execution period:

02/2019 to 10/2019

Order volume:

€ 1,9 million

Scope of work:

Structure: 16.25 metres total length superstructure, 6.35 metres total width superstructure, 4.57 metres smallest clear height, 20.00 metres distance moved

Masses: 800,00 cubic metres of concrete, 110.00 tonnes of reinforced steel, 7,000.00 cubic metres of excavation and backfilling

Special aspect:

Frame structure inserted while the line was completely shut down for 102 hours

Structural engineering with HERING:

  • Construction of new railway overpasses as well as partial renewal and rehabilitation
  • Construction of new crossing structures
  • Bridges
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