Bad Homburg railway station

Within the scope of the construction works at the Bad Homburg railway station, the points and 740 metres of track were reconstructed for the contractor, DB Netz AG. Despite logistical challenges, all work was completed within the prescribed construction period. Further details can be found on the construction panel.

Construction panel

Railway station Bad Homburg
Track and point renewal


DB Netz AG

Completion period:

Mai and June 2018

Oder volume:

approx. 560.000 €

Scope of work:

  • Reconstruction of two points
  • A total of 740 metres of track reconstruction:
  • Reconstruction of tracks 306, 307 and 316
  • Replacement of gravel and renewal of fringe pathways


Logical challenges, since the entire transport was processed with locomotive and the maximal total load for the transport across the route was 500 tonnes.
Rescheduling of the required material delivery, since no access to the station is available for construction vehicles.

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