System roofs reference project: Roof type Bodenheim light at Hoesel

From 17 to 25 October, 2019, HERING employees installed a platform roof of the Bodenheim light type at the Hösel station.
The 40 m long structure was commissioned by Strabag Rail; the client is DB Station&Service AG, Düsseldorf branch. The measure is part of MOF2. The components were delivered by lorry; the assembly was carried out with a mobile crane.

The platform roof "Type Bodenheim light" is a supplement to the existing roof system "Type Bodenheim"; it is modular and can be used on all platforms in stations of different categories throughout Germany. The platform roof "Type Bodenheim (light)" is approved by the DB Station&Service AG and is part of the product catalogue.

Fotos: Mats Karlsson

Construction board

Halt Hösel
1 type ‘Bodenheim light’ platform roofing


Strabag Rail GmbH (customer) and DB Station & Service AG, Düsseldorf (client)

Year of construction of the roofing:


Scope of services:

Workshop planning and statics, production, delivery and assembly of 1 platform roof type Bodenheim light

Roofing of the house platform (type and dimensions):

1 x type Bodenheim, single-storey construction without suspended ceiling
Dimensions: 40 m long

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